Finding the Perfect Fit with Personal Styling

Oct 16, 2018

what a stylist isn’t

Oftentimes, when I meet with people they aren’t clear on what exactly I do.

Many times clients assume I am also an interior designer – I can assure you, you wouldn’t want me responsible for picking out the right size rugs for your home.

In addition to that preconception, many people believe a personal stylist’s sole responsibility is prepping celebrities for red carpet walks and Vanity Fair cover shoots. While that’s all good and well, that is also not how I currently spend my time.

As a personal stylist I work one-on-one with my clients to achieve a wardrobe specific to their lives. No red carpet necessary.


For those of us who aren’t regularly walking the red carpet, the thought of hiring a stylist might seem a little over the top or just plain unnecessary. The paparazzi isn’t coming for us anytime soon, right?

But there are, in fact, many benefits to hiring a professional to do what they do best. It’s important to remember something this article on hiring a stylist (and learning so much more than how to dress) by Dana McMahan on NBC makes note of: we hire experts to do things for us all the time – file our taxes, fix our cars, sell our homes – so why not entrust a styling expert to do that which we cannot?

Going through major transitions in our lives can often mean giving up on the small things. Getting a big promotion, starting a family, or even starting your own business can mean a lot of extra work and a lot less time caring about your appearance.

But it’s precisely in these big life moments that feeling your best is most crucial. Hiring a stylist can bring you that extra relief that you need to feel – and be – your absolute best.

A personal stylist can help you feel refreshed, organized, prepared, and confident to take on that next big challenge.

why anne townsend?

Anne Townsend’s approach is truly personal. I work to develop a relationship with each client to better understand his or her needs and find solutions that will have a lasting impact.

As a stylist that is conscious about saving and not wasting, I actively work to sort through what you already own to find hidden gems that can be put to good use still. I teach you what you need to know to build great outfits on your own and empower you to make smart style decisions to help you feel confident on the daily.

I aim to build your wardrobe so that you have pieces that will keep you stylish for years to come.


The Anne Townsend process begins with a simple 30 minute consultation that allows you to discuss with me what you’re looking for and ask any questions about the process.

We will then meet in your home to sort through your wardrobe. Don’t worry… this part can be intimidating, but it’s simply meant to get you organized. We will figure out what you have that works for you, what pieces you can make changes to, and what pieces you might be missing. The most important part of our first meeting? Me getting to know you.

We’ll then head to the store for some shopping and styling, where I will take the hard part out of shopping by having outfits already prepared for you to try on. We can fine tune the look you’re going for and take photos of the outfits you love so that you can easily reference them the next time you’re running late for work.


Over time we work together to create and fine-tune your image by working new clothes into your existing closet, planning outfits to match your lifestyle, and ultimately getting to the core of how you want to appear.

Going on vacation? Preparing for a family photoshoot? As life continues, let me be your guide in all things fashion so that you can always feel good about how you present yourself to the world.

I work over a long period of time with my clients to edit their closet, shop with or for them, and style them for life.

As always, my approach is personal and one-on-one.


Annie Abbott, Founder of Anne Townsend

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